Ekolavka Namaste (Эколавка Намасте )

Moscow, Novokosinskaya, 23


Especially for you, our dear customers, we take from trusted manufacturers: the best grains for cereals and germination; whole grain flour for pancakes and bread, malt for kvass, butter and spelled. The best food - everyone knows - this is food prepared by your own hands, so for your creativity there is buckwheat and linseed, amaranth and rice flour, oatmeal and, of course, wheat and rye.

In order for the food you cook to fully satisfy you and your loved ones, of course, it is better to use spices. Selected Indian spices, as well as books on how to properly and effectively apply them, we always keep for you in the store.

For vegetarians and vegans, who, like ourselves, have excluded animal products from their diet, but nevertheless experience something like nostalgia, there are always vegetarian sausages, sausages, and pastes.

For quick cooking of vegetarian cutlets and meatballs, mash, chickpea, buckwheat and corn flakes are deservedly popular. Try it and you! We are sure you will like it!

Famous spirulina, as well as chlorella and kelp are always on sale. Extremely useful thing!

For people who are advised to limit their intake of sugar to maintain their health, we have great sugary-free sweet foods: jams, syrups, cookies.

Remembering Thailand and other warm exotic countries, you can buy from us gentle mango puree, coconut oil or milk, anti-aging Amla juice and, of course, the legendary Indian Chaiwanprash.

With love for you and with care for your beauty and health, our purchasers have meticulously selected the best in composition and affordable price shampoos, creams, balms, dry perfumes, aromatic and natural soaps, etc. - necessary cosmetics from India, Altai and Crimea.

The assortment always has medicinal herbs and teas - natural, natural remedies for a great many diseases.

Dear customers, rest assured that everything we offer you, we will definitely try it ourselves.

Come to the address st. Novokosinskaya, 23, from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 20:00, Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00, Sunday from 11:00 to 16:00. You can call +7 (905) 741-08-70, +7 (901) 519-31-08, +7 (977) 811-51-07 or look at the website: www.namaste-shop.

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Ekolavka Namaste (Эколавка Намасте )

Ekolavka Namaste (Эколавка Намасте )

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