Privacy Policy and Cookies

Website (hereinafter - Site, Administration), respects the right of Users to privacy of personal information. The Site is aware of the importance of protecting the information received from Users and has approved this Privacy Policy and cookies (hereinafter - Policy) to inform Users about the use of their personal information.

The present Policy includes provisions on the order and purposes of collection, use, processing, storage, distribution (transfer) and removal of personal information of Users, provisions on protection of personal information of Users. The Policy explains how to view, update, correct or delete personal information when necessary. The Policy also includes provisions on the types, purposes, placement, storage and use of cookies on Users’ equipment.

By using the Site in any way and/or by going through the registration process on the Site and clicking the «Confirm» button, the User confirms that he has read, understood, agreed and unconditionally accepted this Policy and all its terms and conditions.

If you do not agree with any of the provisions of this Policy, you do not have the right to continue using the Site and its services and you must leave the Site immediately.

Terms and concepts

Any terms and concepts used in this Policy have the same meaning as defined for them in the Agreement.


  1. When collecting and processing any Personal Information, the Site undertakes to comply with the provisions of laws and this Policy and to take all possible organizational and technical measures to protect User’s personal information from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, alteration, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as from other illegal actions of third parties with it.

  2. This document applies to the following resources of the Site: the Game itself, the Site chats, the Site forum, discounts on Vegetarian card from partners (hereinafter collectively referred to as the «site services»), as well as all online forms, internal forms and means of communication used on the site services to collect personal information.

  3. Personal information received by the Site from Users can only be accessed by employees and representatives of the Site, as well as any affiliates of the Site, who will also be bound by the provisions of this Policy and are required to ensure the confidentiality of any Personal information transmitted to them.

  4. Legislation to protect personal information may vary from country to country. The Site will strive to follow the provisions of this Policy to the maximum extent possible and to protect the personal information of Users, regardless of where it is collected and how it is transmitted.

  5. The Site may transfer personal information to a third party only if the third party provides an adequate level of protection of personal information, or if such transfer is necessary for the conclusion or performance of the Agreement or other contract in the interests of the User, or if such transfer is necessary to protect the interests of the User, or if the Site provides adequate guarantees for the protection of personal information.

Gathering personal information

  1. As a general rule, the User does not provide personal information to the Administration, and the Site does not process or store it.

  2. In order to execute the Agreement, properly and qualitatively provide the services of the site to the Users and perform other actions provided by the Agreement, Game Rules and this Policy, the Site has the right to collect and process the following information about the User (hereinafter - «personal information»):

    2.1 Information provided during filling in of special forms on the Website and services of the Website, including information provided during registration, subscription to services, publication of material and request for other services, including electronic and / or IP-address, identification data in the social network, user name, password and other information.

    2.2 The Site may request any information necessary for the organization and conduct of events on the Site, when the User registers for a contest or event initiated by the Administration.

    2.3 If the User enters into correspondence with the Administration or sends a report on problems with the Site, the Site reserves the right to keep all correspondence.

    2.4 The Website may ask Users to participate in surveys and request certain information in the course of surveys, but this is not a mandatory procedure and the User has the right to refuse it.

    2.5 The User’s browser or client program may provide the Administration with certain information about the details of visits of the site services, including traffic data, log files, data about the geographical location of the User’s computer, its capabilities, and other communication data. The Site may use this information for the purposes, written in this Policy and in accordance with this Policy.

    2.6 For some activities, the Site may request other information from the User, such as age, date of birth, gender and/or nutritional preferences.

    2.7 The Site has the right to collect, process and use other information provided by the Agreement on personal data and this Policy.

User’s consent

  1. If the form of registration on the Site or other terms of use of the Site, established by the Administration, provides for the provision of any personal information by the Users, the User, carrying out the actual actions to enter the Site or services of the Site, or passing through the registration procedures on the Site and / or providing such data, unconditionally accepts all the terms of this Policy, expresses his direct consent to the collection, processing, use, storage, distribution (transfer) and destruction of any Personal Information by the Administration, the cross-border transfer of the User’s Personal Information (to third countries), for the purposes of registering the User’s Account on the Site, for the purposes of proper and quality provision of the Site’s services and additional services to the Users, for the purpose of their continuous development and improvement, for the purpose of fulfilling the Agreement and performing other actions provided for by the Agreement on Personal Data and this Policy, as well as for the purpose of compliance with applicable laws.

  2. The Site may collect and use information that is not Personal Information under applicable law, and the User hereby acknowledges that the Site may disclose such information to any third party.

  3. The User has the right at any time to express his objections to the collection and processing of his personal information, to withdraw his consent to the processing of personal information, except as otherwise provided by law.

  4. If the User withdraws such consent, he understands and acknowledges that it may cause the impossibility of access to the Site and / or to the site services, and the User hereby agrees that the Site is not responsible for the damage to the User’s Personal Information in this case.

Use and processing of personal information

  1. Personal information that may be disclosed by the Users is collected and processed by the Administration for the purpose of proper and qualitative provision of the Site services to the Users, for the purpose of their development and improvement and for the purpose of implementation of other actions provided by this Policy. Use of personal information by the Administration is regulated by this Policy. Processing of personal information means: collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, updating, change, grouping, blocking, use, disclosure, transfer to third parties, distribution, destruction, erasure, and other actions necessary for the execution of the Agreement on personal data.

  2. The Site does not trade in personal information of Users and does not disclose this information to third parties, except as provided in this Policy. The Site may disclose general demographic and statistical information to business partners or advertisers. This is not directly related to personal information and cannot identify the individual User.

  3. For the proper provision of services, the Site has the right to transfer personal information to other persons or organizations providing hosting services, settlement services, e-mail services, moderators. These persons and organizations have the right to use the received information only for providing services to the Website Users.

  4. The User agrees to transfer his personal information to any affiliated persons of the Administration for the purpose of proper and qualitative provision of the site services to the Users, for the purpose of continuous development and improvement of the site services, for the purpose of performance of other actions provided by this Policy.

  5. If in the future the Site merges with another company through the process of reorganization, merger, sale, purchase, liquidation or through other processes, the User’s Personal Information may be transferred together with the company or its part, or may be sold as part of the company.

  6. If the User enters the Site and/or registers on the Site through the websites of third parties, through the websites of partners of the Administration, such persons may request, collect and process personal information of the User in order to properly and qualitatively provide services. In such a case, the provisions on confidentiality and third party cookies will be applied. The User gives his consent to the transfer of personal information by the Administration of the User to such persons in order to properly and qualitatively provide the services of the site, in order to carry out other actions provided by this Policy.

  7. The User gives his consent to the disclosure of personal information by the Administration to the authorized bodies of power at their request, by the decision of the court, as well as in cases provided by law.

  8. The User agrees that in case of receipt by the Administration of claims of third parties (right holders) about violation by the User of the rights to the Materials published on the Website or site services, the Website has the right to transfer the information about such User to the third party (right holder).

Storage of personal information

  1. The Site will take all necessary measures to properly and securely store the collected personal information of the User in accordance with the provisions of this Policy. All information provided by Users is stored on the servers of Administration (Site).

  2. The Site uses standard technology, including firewalls, to ensure the security of personal information of Users.

  3. The User undertakes not to disclose and not to transfer to the third parties the identification data, the data of the Account on which authorization of the User on the Site is possible. The User is fully responsible for the storage of his Account data.

  4. If the User becomes aware of the fact that his Account or other Personal information has been acquired by third parties, the User shall immediately notify the Administration of such circumstances in order to take proper security measures. At the same time, the Website is not responsible for the use of such information.

  5. When the User communicates on the Site or the Site services (via chat, forum, etc.), the User understands that such communication passes through the Administration Server, and agrees that this data may be collected, stored and investigated by the Administration. The Site is not responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of personal information and / or other information that the User has disclosed to other users through the Site, services of the Site and through other services (through chat, forum, social networks, etc.). Such information is considered to be publicly available.

Cookies, IP addresses and log files

  1. The site may collect and process information about the User’s computer, log files, including IP addresses, operating system type, browser, traffic data, date and time, details of visits to the site services, user activity, access information, settings. This is statistical data on the actions of Users on the Internet, they do not identify the User, are impersonal, are collected and stored for the purposes of system administration, to ensure the proper functioning of the Site and the services of the site, for the purposes of security and enhanced protection, to ensure system integrity (prevention of hacker attacks, unauthorized access, etc.).

  2. Through the Server, the Site may place and store on the User’s local equipment cookies - identification text files, which are automatically created and stored on the User’s computer, if the browser establishes a connection to the relevant page visited by the User (hereinafter - «cookies»).

  3. The site has the right to place on the equipment of the User the cookies-files which are carrying out without restriction following functions::

    3.1 Visit cookies - are placed when the User visits the Website and help to recognize and track the User’s visits to the Website and services of the Website. Without such cookies, the functionality of the Site and the Site services may deteriorate.

    3.2 Voting cookies (polling) - mark the points of the polling, for which the User has voted, and do not give the opportunity to vote again in one and the same poll.

    3.3 Cookies-files that distribute the server workload and optimise the time of loading the site services. Without such cookies the functionality of the Site may be lost.

    3.4 Cookies - files that allow saving the settings of the User’s interface when re-entering the Site and site services.

    3.5 Cookies are files placed and used for synchronisation with the User’s data in social networks.

    3.6 Analyst cookies are cookies that are used to collect anonymous information about how the User uses the Site.

    3.7 Advertising cookies - are placed on the User’s equipment when viewing advertising materials, increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

  4. The Site may also allow certain third parties to place and use their own web analytics and advertising cookies on the User’s equipment for the purpose of storing and analysing information about User preferences and improving the quality of services. In this case, the privacy statements and third party cookies will apply.

  5. The User understands that by using the Site through any social network site, the User may be obliged to adhere to the policy of this site regarding cookies, and the User agrees that the Administration is not responsible for any such use of cookies.

  6. The Site guarantees that the placed cookies are safe for the User and are absolutely necessary for the normal functioning of the Site and services of the Site and for the provision of services to Users by the Administration.

  7. Entering the Site or site services and/or passing registration procedures on the Site, the User expresses the direct and certain consent to placing, storage and use by Administration of cookies-files provided by the present Policy.

  8. Terms of storage of cookies are not more than one year. Storage times of third party cookies are determined by such third party.

  9. The user has the right to refuse to accept cookies or to delete cookies already placed on their equipment by changing their browser settings. This may have a negative impact on the quality of services provided to the User and the impossibility for the User to get access to the Site. The User hereby agrees that the Site is not responsible for any loss or damage to the User’s information in the event that the User refuses to accept cookies.

Refusal to provide information

The User provides the Administration with any information only on a voluntary basis. However, the Site can not guarantee that the Site and / or services of the site should function properly and / or should function at all in case of refusal to provide any information when necessary.


This Policy is valid as of the date of the latest version. This Policy may be amended, supplemented or replaced in any form or at any time without prior or subsequent notice to the User, so we recommend that the User review this Policy from time to time to keep abreast of any changes. Any further use of the Site and the Site’s services constitutes unconditional acceptance of the modified version of this Policy. In case of disagreement with this Policy, the User must immediately leave the site and stop any use of it.

Contacting Administration

  1. If you have any questions, remarks, complaints or comments about this Policy, please contact us at [email protected] We will consider your questions as soon as possible.

  2. The Site may reject requests that are unreasonably frequent, require disproportionate technical effort, or jeopardise the privacy of other Users.

  3. If the User begins correspondence with the Administration or sends a report on problems with the Site or site services, the Site may retain all such correspondence.