Polyushko (Полюшко)

Moscow, Pyatnitskaya, 8


In our store useful products "Polyushko" presents an extensive range of varied products for healthy eating and lifestyle, which are also suitable for vegetarians, vegans and raw foodists. In our store, supporters of healthy eating feel happy about the opportunity to buy, and then eat everything that the soul asks.

Environmental friendliness

We have collected products for you without components of animal origin, the achievements of the chemical industry, preservatives, GMOs, artificial additives. We offer a wide selection of healthy natural foods: pasta and noodles from wholemeal flour, cereals, legumes, seeds and grains (including for germination), bread and raw cookies, cold-pressed vegetable oils, spices, nuts and dried fruits, teas and herbal drinks, as well as healthy sweets that do not contain sugar, honey and more. The range of the store is constantly expanding and updating.

Here you will find only 100% natural, environmentally friendly, healthy and tasty products, the quality of which we are responsible. We trust our suppliers, because we know how carefully they take care of their products to be exceptionally natural and of high quality. All products are certified and have the relevant documents.


Polyushko (Полюшко)

Polyushko (Полюшко)

Store healthy natural products without artificial additives exclusively of plant origin, suitable for raw foodists, vegetarians and vegans

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