"Live Spirulina" ("Живая Спирулина")

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Spirulina - a living microalga

Contains a full range of more than 2000 ingredients necessary for a healthy body: 18 amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, a variety of micro and macro elements, vitamins and other biologically active substances.

Well-known in modern medicine, cosmetology and other branches of science, microalgae spirulina is grown on an industrial scale using the most modern high-tech methods. It is noteworthy that with the help of cryogenic freezing, the algae can not only be preserved for a very long time, but also to preserve all its properties. Preservatives are not used. This technology allows you to get a lot of extremely useful for the human body products.

Spurulina Live seaweed is extremely rich in composition. It has a lot of vegetable protein, high content of essential amino acids, as well as a wide range of vitamins and minerals. When using spirulina, all these nutrients are very easily absorbed by the body, because they have a natural origin and are initially balanced in an optimal way. Nature herself took care to create a product of such high nutritional value that does not need to be improved.


"Live Spirulina" ("Живая Спирулина")

"Live Spirulina" ("Живая Спирулина")

Live Spirulina is a microalga grown using a unique technology and preserved in its natural form. Production and sales in Russia

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