Yerba mate (Йерба Мате)

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The company "Yerba-Mate" is glad to welcome you on our site. Here you will find the largest assortment of yerba mate (yerba mate - lat.), As well as accessories for making the oldest legendary drink of strength and health. Yerba Mate is enjoyed by people of different ages. Join us with the Argentinean yerba mate culture and maybe mate will be a way of life for you.

When you drink mate, you connect with yourself, and your thoughts become clear. Our company for a healthy lifestyle. Drink mate with pleasure, be happy and healthy.

The company "Yerba-Mate" offers mate and accessories from the best Argentine manufacturers of manufacturers from the province of Missions that have passed quality control


Yerba mate (Йерба Мате)

Yerba mate (Йерба Мате)

Paraguayan tea, Yerba mate and accessories, Chinese tea, ethnic tea

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