Tea Culture Club "Iron Phoenix" (Клуб Чайной Культуры "Железный Феникс")

Moscow, Rozhdestvensky boulevard 19, 19



Iron Phoenix has existed for 17 years and today is the oldest live tea club in Russia. Fans of good tea remember that for many years the club lived in a cozy and extremely charismatic place - in the basements of Lubyanka - and established itself as a home and democratic institution.

Coming to us are our guests.

Now the club is located on Rozhdestvensky Boulevard in the premises of the former art gallery, personifies the slogan "wise luxury of the east" and preserves charisma, atmosphere of peace and purity.

Having taken off shoes and outerwear, you can enjoy the tea space of our club, live music, fresh high-quality tea in spring water and a pleasant society.

Chinese tea ceremonies with collectible tea, such as Gong Fu Cha, tea brewing using the Lu Yu Ping Cha method, are conducted by the most experienced craftsmen and professionals in their field.

Tea ceremonies.

Tea school and master classes; collection tea (Chinese and Taiwanese); tea utensils (dishes), teapots of Yixing clay; wood burning dishes


Tea Culture Club "Iron Phoenix" (Клуб Чайной Культуры "Железный Феникс")

Tea Culture Club "Iron Phoenix" (Клуб Чайной Культуры "Железный Феникс")

Collectible Chinese tea, utensils, tea ceremonies.

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