Qigong in a big city (Цигун в большом городе)

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  • 5% - Course on women's Taoist practices. Qigong course for the spine


Tina Mitusova is the head and trainer of the center "Qigong in the big city". He has been actively engaged in Taoist practices for the last 6 years, and more than thirteen for Eastern practices. She studied with European and Chinese masters. I am sure that practitioners are needed not for the sake of practitioners, but for health, increasing social efficiency, spiritual development and happy relationships with people.

Women's Taoist Practices

Women are not only important results in their work, but also a happy family life, the ability to give birth to healthy children and confidence in their feminine strength. Girls, much in our body and relationships depend on female energy, take care of yourself.

What do female technicians give: preparation for pregnancy and natural childbirth, prevention and treatment of gynecological diseases, elimination of painful periods, slowing down of age-related changes and aging, managing emotional fluctuations and conditions, increasing the amount of energy.

Gymnastics for the spine Even the most rigid body can be softened to such an extent that it acquires ease and flexibility. But for this you need to learn a fundamentally different approach to working with the body - a clear and attentive movements, allowing you to relax the resulting stresses.

What technology provides: control of your body, elimination of internal blocks and tensions, real relaxation, freedom and ease in the body, increasing joint mobility, understanding your body and increasing its sensitivity.

Although practice works through relaxation, at first it is difficult to achieve this state. Most of us are not able to completely relax even in a state of sleep. It's harder than lifting the bar - come, you get


5% - Course on women's Taoist practices. Qigong course for the spine
Qigong in a big city (Цигун в большом городе)

Qigong in a big city (Цигун в большом городе)

Women's Taoist practices and gymnastics for the spine

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