Retunsky Yoga Studio (Retunsky Yoga Studio )

Moscow, Bolshoy Karetny per, 8/2


Retunsky yoga studio is first and foremost a development studio for managing your attention through yoga and meditation. We are the first yoga studio in Moscow, in which both the techniques of working with the physical body and the practice of meditation and managing our attention are presented in approximately equal proportions.

Classes are held in a modern, spacious, cozy room. The windows of the studio overlook the gilded roofs of the Tsvetnoy lanes, there is a warm oak floor, plenty of light, tall ceilings and absolute cleanliness and freedom. This allows us to maintain privacy and the possibility of moving into the depth of exploration, where space itself takes care of you!

Hatha yoga, Iyengar yoga practices, yoga therapy, vinyasa flow, jivamukti yoga, raja yoga, embodyment, yoga nidra, and sound meditations. Meetings and satsangs with Masters, spiritual guides. Mindfulness meditation training in a secular format. Individual lessons, individual programs and energy practices for those who build their reality, for leaders and strategists. Training trainings and seminars.

Retunsky Yoga Studio works daily from 7 am to 11 pm, every day only the most experienced teachers with attentive practice and impeccable reputation are waiting for you, here in any weather and at any time you can not only do yoga, which means your thoughts, body and soul, but also just spending time with a cup of fragrant tea, an interesting book or an album with photos.

Where attention flows, energy flows there. Stay calm in difficult situations, quickly restore internal resources under stress, learn to cultivate joy and well-being. What is needed for this? Learn to manage your attention! Retunsky yoga studio is primarily a development studio of mindfulness, as a tool for researching yourself, life in all its manifestations.

We are glad to hear from you! With love, Your Retunsky.


10% - for the first lesson worth 900 rubles
Retunsky Yoga Studio (Retunsky Yoga Studio )

Retunsky Yoga Studio (Retunsky Yoga Studio )

Big City <br>
"In Bolshaya Karetny Lane, in the attic of an old mansion, you will find a bright and spacious yoga studio .." <br>
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"... There is an incredibly pleasant atmosphere and instructors who are truly enthusiastic in their work." Victoria Isakova <br>
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"RYS brings you to your relaxation, stretching and exercise techniques."

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