Family bakery NIKOLAY-KARAVAY (Семейная пекарня НИКОЛАЙ-КАРАВАЙ)

Moscow, Taganskaya square, 86/1s1


We bake and prepare:

Spelled pies, without yeast, with natural berries, fruits, vegetables and herbs;

Pizzas and quiches on coconut cream;

More than 20 types of classic and vegan cheesecakes;

Brownies and cakes potatoes of several kinds;

Yeast-free and gluten-free bread;

Honey gingerbread and Easter cakes;

Amaranth bread, cantuccini, cookies;

Granola and muesli;

Sourdough bread, loaves with dried fruits;

Sbitney, non-alcoholic mulled wine, fruit drinks and lemonades.

We have a wide selection and daily pastries!

In 2022, the family ECO bakery NIKOLAY-KARAVAY entered the

Union of Producers of plant-based products http://pbfoods.

ru/index uniting more than 35 Russian manufacturers of innovative products based on vegetable oils, proteins and many other ingredients of plant nature.

In June 2022, our bakery took part in the Moscow Healthy Eating 2022 award and received a diploma in the Best Manufacturing Company nomination in the Yeast-Free ECO Bakery category.


10% - For all products
Family bakery NIKOLAY-KARAVAY (Семейная пекарня НИКОЛАЙ-КАРАВАЙ)

Family bakery NIKOLAY-KARAVAY (Семейная пекарня НИКОЛАЙ-КАРАВАЙ)

The Moscow family ECO bakery NIKOLAY-KARAVAY has been producing and selling yeast-free baked goods on organic spelled whole grain flour since 2012.<br />
<br />
Spelled, the "progenitor" of wheat, contains a lot of useful trace elements, it has three times more essential amino acids and the most nutritious protein. Therefore, we have chosen spelled as the basis for our ECO baking.<br />
<br />
Our products are not only healthy, but also very tasty. All dishes are developed according to ancient technologies and author's recipes from organic raw materials, without artificial additives and improvers. <br />
<br />
After a lot of experimentation, we replaced refined white sugar with healthy Jerusalem artichoke syrup. Most of the product range is also suitable for vegans, i.e. does not contain animal products (milk, eggs and meat).<br />

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