Acai Family Superfood Bar

Moscow, Danilovsky market, Danilovsky market


Acai Family Superfood Bar is the first superfood bar in Moscow that specializes in cooking real acai bowls.

Acai berry is a recognized superfood all over the world, thanks to its unique composition, has won great love among fans of an active and healthy lifestyle.

Acai is considered the leader in the amount of antioxidants, contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals, healthy fatty acids, fiber and does not contain sugar at all. Thanks to its rich composition, acai restores and gives strength, energizes, slows down the aging process, strengthens the immune system, improves digestion, takes care of your heart, shape and beauty of your skin.

The main feature of the Acai Family Superfood Bar is that it uses the highest quality organic acai pulp, which is delivered directly from Brazil, to prepare acai bowls. No powder, just the berry itself for maximum benefit and flavor.

In addition, the creation of all bowls and smoothies is based on the principle - the highest quality ingredients, 100% natural, the absence of sugar-containing components and ingredients of animal origin, as well as individual preparation for each client.

We strive to ensure that each of our products is not only the most useful and tasty, but also energizes with an excellent mood for the whole day.

"We want to convey to residents and guests of Moscow not only a new format of healthy eating and the most current trends, but also to bring elements of the relaxed lifestyle of the California coast."

The first outlet appeared on the Danilovsky market two years ago, the second we opened at the end of 2019 in the Usachevsky market.

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Acai Family Superfood Bar

Acai Family Superfood Bar


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