Avatara Tea Club in Moscow (Чайный Клуб Avatara в Москве)

Moscow, Zavodskoy passage, 10


The club was founded in 2010

The Avatar Tea Club was created to spread tea culture and knowledge about tea, its beneficial properties. At the root of our club is a lot of tea poisoning, a gradual understanding of this Chinese tea. By trial and error, we came to the tea that fits everything that was written about him in ancient Chinese treatises. Now, as in ancient times, this tea can be found only in hereditary farmers, in the original places of growth: for Puers this is Yunnan, for Teguanin - Annecy Province, Dahunpao, we bring from reserves Wu Shan.

In the matter of the quality of tea, the age of the plant from which the tea was collected and the place of growth are of great importance. The older the tree, the more useful enzymes and substances the leaf contains, the brighter the taste and the richer the flavor.

The combination of climate, soil, ancient traditions and experience of farmers make tea exactly the way tea treatises describe it with all its useful properties and the ability to change consciousness.

Thanks to tea, people are getting better. For 8 years now we have been seeing how regular guests of our club in Sochi are changing, revealing their potential, outlook, soul. We recently opened a club in Moscow. Now the residents of this big and noisy city with an exciting, very fast rhythm of life can stop, listen to themselves and their bodies and relax in our tea room.

We make sure that quality tea is available to everyone. And, in order not to increase the cost of tea at the expense of expensive rental of premises in the center, we found a cozy and place a few steps from the metro station. Izmailovskaya. There are no middlemen between us and the tea farmers, which allows us to offer you high-quality tea at reasonable prices. For this purpose, every six months we go to China for a fresh harvest of tea - the elixir of youth and health.


Avatara Tea Club in Moscow (Чайный Клуб Avatara в Москве)

Avatara Tea Club in Moscow (Чайный Клуб Avatara в Москве)

First of all, the quality of tea! <br />
High quality tea in Moscow! <br />
Tea holidays in secluded spaces <br />
Shop elite tea and accessories. <br />
Tea State Palette. <br />
Ancient Game of Self-discovery Lila. <br />
Tea parties. <br />
Master Classes on making tea.

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