Training Center Anastasia of Athens (Тренинг-Центр Анастасии Афинской)



The training center of Anastasia of Athens was created for everyone who chooses to live every day consciously and tasty. For those who create their lives, want to live in harmony with themselves and in love with their loved ones. Whose focus on honesty, faith and prosperity.

We work in several directions at once. With us you can realize a career based on your life purpose. To establish a harmonious union with a partner in life. Build wonderful relationships within the family. Learn to manage events in your life. Successfully interact with your body, adjusting its state and health. It is wise to raise children on the basis of true understanding. Masterfully communicate in society and get rid of internal complexes. Learn to manage your time and resources so that in life there is always time and opportunity for recreation, hobbies and travel. Become a happy man around the clock!

Anastasia Athena - the creator of the Training Center, author and presenter of the most effective program of combining with femininity "My Tasty Life", Professional coach according to international standards ICF Consultant Psychologist Creator of on-site trainings and unique travels Tel


Training Center Anastasia of Athens (Тренинг-Центр Анастасии Афинской)

Training Center Anastasia of Athens (Тренинг-Центр Анастасии Афинской)

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