Groats Zerowaste (Крупа Zerowaste)

St. Petersburg, Aptekarsky pr., 18


Krupa.Zerowaste is an unpackaged store and a conscious consumption brand. We help our customers make purchases with a minimal carbon footprint. From us you can buy products by weight, in your own packaging or in a reusable container, which you can buy or rent from us.

Also, we accept orders for krupazws.

ru, and we deliver them in a returnable container in St. Petersburg on the day of order. Our couriers travel on foot, by public transport or by bicycle, so the delivery leaves a minimal carbon footprint.

We carefully select high-quality, certified and socially responsible manufacturers and suppliers, give preference to products of local manufacturers that support the zero waste philosophy, support start-up entrepreneurs and young brands.


15% - On the first purchase in our store
Groats Zerowaste (Крупа Zerowaste)

Groats Zerowaste (Крупа Zerowaste)

Conscious consumption store. Everything for an economical lifestyle, also healthy and vegan products.

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