JAGANNAT store on Belorusskaya (Магазин ДЖАГАННАТ на Белорусской )

Moscow, Georgian Val, 28/45



Our store contains products for vegetarians and those who lead a healthy lifestyle. We carefully monitor that the products do not contain components of animal origin, as well as unnatural additives, harmful substances and the achievements of the chemical industry. The largest selection in Russia

With us you can always find:

- superfoods

- products from soya (vegetarian sausages, soya minced meat, soya drinks, mayonnaise, etc.)

- cereal (germination)

- a huge selection of spices

- healthy pasta (from buckwheat, corn flour, wholemeal flour, with iodine, etc.)

- seafood (various algae in a variety of forms - dry, in the form of chips, salads, sheets)

- bars - natural oils - health-improving cereals, soups and functional nutrition - gifts of nature for health: flax seeds, aloe vera juice, pine nuts, honey, etc. - sauces, mixes, pickles - bread and cakes - sugar (cane, brown) and sweeteners (including the most useful sweeteners - stevia and Jerusalem artichoke syrup) - elite and herbal teas - coconut water - oriental sweets - Supplements as well as a huge selection of natural cosmetics, yoga products, incense and much, much more


5% - on all goods
JAGANNAT store on Belorusskaya (Магазин ДЖАГАННАТ на Белорусской )

JAGANNAT store on Belorusskaya (Магазин ДЖАГАННАТ на Белорусской )

Vegetarian health food store JAGHANNAT on Belorusskaya

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