Rosary (Розариум)

Moscow, Zemlyanoy Val, 24/32


Flower shop "Rosarium" was founded in 2010.

It provides a wide floristic profile.

In the store there are promotions - the 10th bouquet as a gift, discounts for regular customers, 10 roses - 250 rubles.

For you, we will collect a bouquet, composition or arrange a celebration. Also on sale there are indoor plants and accessories for them. Balloons are on sale. We will pack your gifts and can send them to recipients. The Rosarium store also carries out corporate orders.

Store work from 08_00 to 21-00 on weekdays and from 10-00 to 19-00 on weekends


10% - for the entire range except for the promotion of 10 roses -250 R
Rosary (Розариум)

Rosary (Розариум)

Flower shop "Rosarium". 9 years in the service market. <br />
Fresh flowers, bouquets and compositions, indoor plants, gift wrapping, celebrations. Selling balloons. <br />
m. Kurskaya, st. Earth shaft, d. 24/32

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