Jagannat Shop on Maroseyka (Магазин ДЖАГАННАТ на Маросейке )

Moscow, Maroseyka, 4


Our store contains products for vegetarians and those who lead a healthy lifestyle. We closely monitor that the products did not contain components of animal origin, as well as non-natural additives, harmful substances and achievements of the chemical industry. The largest selection in Russia

With us you can always find:

- superfoods

- soy products (vegetarian sausages, soy mince, soy drinks, mayonnaise, etc.)

- grain (germination)

- a huge selection of spices

- healthy pasta (buckwheat, cornmeal, wholemeal flour, with iodine, etc.)

- seafood (various algae in various forms - dry, in the form of chips, salads, sheets)

- candy bars

- natural oils

- revitalizing cereals, soups and functional nutrition

- gifts of nature for health: flax seeds, aloe vera juice, pine nuts, honey, etc.

- sauces, mixes, pickles

- bread and tortillas

- sugar (cane, brown) and sugar substitutes (including the most useful sweeteners - stevia and Jerusalem artichoke syrup)

- elite and herbal teas

- coconut water

- Eastern sweets


as well as a huge selection of natural cosmetics, products for yoga, incense, and much, much more!


5% - on all goods
Jagannat Shop on Maroseyka (Магазин ДЖАГАННАТ на Маросейке )

Jagannat Shop on Maroseyka (Магазин ДЖАГАННАТ на Маросейке )

Vegetarian health food store JAGANNAT on Maroseyka (there is a cafe in the same room)

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