Matcha botanicals (Matcha Botanicals)



Matcha Botanicals is the story of two friends who moved to Kyoto from Moscow and dedicated themselves to their favorite work, the art of the tea ceremony.

We use only the most unique varieties of match with one simple idea: the uniqueness and uniqueness of the taste of our match for the most sophisticated connoisseurs around the world.

Our match tea is one of a kind: up to 85 kg of a match of each grade are produced annually, which are exclusively blend by our sommelier and you can buy exclusive match varieties only at


10% - All range
Matcha botanicals (Matcha Botanicals)

Matcha botanicals (Matcha Botanicals)

Matcha Botanicals is a premium tea match from Japan. <br />
A match is young tea leaves that have been ground into powder and grown in particularly delicate conditions, due to which the match has a unique soft energy property and has established itself as a natural coffee substitute.

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