Simulators Agashin (Тренажеры Агашина)

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Agashin simulators are invented by Mark Fedorovich Agashin and are based on the phenomenon of biomechanical resonance, discovered in 1971 by FK Agashin.

The official manufacturer of simulators in Russia is the company OOO Agashin Simulators.

Wave simulators for the development, rehabilitation and prevention of diseases of children and the public.

Wave "Simulators Agashin", products for complex recreational and sports applications, include 5 groups of products for the design. The unified principle of the wave simulators is based on the "Phenomenon of Biomechanical Resonance", opened by FK Agashin. in 1971 and the Theory of Wave Biomechanics, developed by him (Agashin FK, "Biomechanics of Percussion Movements", Moscow, FiS, 1977)

All types of wave simulators are biomechanically and informationally actively “organizing” a complex, coordinating and harmonizing interaction of the neuromuscular, cardiovascular systems and the musculoskeletal system, including the spine. Exercises have a general and local pronounced trophic effect with safe and minimal effort, provide prevention of stagnation, the effects of physical inactivity, a sedentary lifestyle, sedentary work and injuries.

Models are adapted for independent and collective use at home, in the office, at school, in sports and fitness clubs, in medical institutions, in sanatoriums. Fitness equipment is suitable for the elderly and persons with disabilities.


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Simulators Agashin (Тренажеры Агашина)

Simulators Agashin (Тренажеры Агашина)

Company for the production of fitness equipment, LFC, rehabilitation. Among the products: Agashin simulators, wave chair-saddle, stool and playground.

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