Dr. Choi (Доктор Чой)

Moscow, Novinsky Boulevard (TC Lotte Plaza), 8/floor 2


The accumulated experience in the face of pediatricians and narrowly specialized specialists (acupuncturist, osteopath, bioresonance diagnostician, hirudotherapist, phytotherapeutist, massage therapist (for children and adults), child psychologist, homeopath, etc.)

d) for best results. Our center uses a unique method of treating childhood diseases through the work of doctors and a psychologist with their parents.

In the center of Eastern and European medicine "Doctor Choi" a wide range of diagnostic examinations is carried out both by classical methods (blood sampling, ultrasound) and non-traditional methods (bioresonance diagnostics, pulse diagnostics).

Our unique concept is the treatment of children through their parents.


10% - For all clinic services.
Dr. Choi (Доктор Чой)

Dr. Choi (Доктор Чой)

Dr. Choi is the only and unique medical direction in Russia, which has collected all kinds of advanced treatment technologies for children and their parents in one place. Our treatment is based on a combination of centuries-old methods of traditional oriental medicine and the best technologies of classical European medicine.

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