Medical center "Angelu" (Медицинский центр "Анжелю")

Moscow, Novokosinskaya, 14, building 3


In our center you can get expert help in the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of gynecological, therapeutic, dermatological and other diseases. Experienced and qualified specialists will identify any violation in the work of your body and will make an individual treatment regimen. In the center, you can undergo functional, ultra-sound and laboratory tests of all types using modern equipment. We offer our clients a wide range of cosmetic services, mesotherapy, ozone therapy


Medical center "Angelu" (Медицинский центр "Анжелю")

Medical center "Angelu" (Медицинский центр "Анжелю")

Multidisciplinary medical center, diagnostics and treatment, analyzes, manual therapy, acupuncture, massage, Ayurveda, cosmetology and SPA

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