Yoga room msk

Moscow, Trubetskaya, 10

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In our city there are many places where they offer yoga. But studios, created professionally and with true love, units.

Yoga Room Msk strives to become for its guests a place of spiritual and physical relaxation, inspiration on the path of self-improvement and just a good friend.

Here we are glad to see both beginners and experienced practitioners, both adults and children. A rich and varied schedule will be interesting for people with any temperament and, at times, with fundamentally different goals and expectations from classes.

Yoga Room Msk

An oasis of calm and harmony in a big city.

November 15, 2014 In the center of Moscow, at Trubetskaya 10, the long-awaited opening of Yoga Room Msk. An oasis of peace and harmony in a big city overlooking the park.

A spacious and at the same time chamber-style studio, in a family way, brought together yoga teachers from various fields, professionals from the wellness industry and masters of narrow specialization, whose skills and services are of interest to our guests.

To assemble a full-fledged team of professionals under one roof is the top priority when creating Yoga Room Msk. Family is the main word of the studio: it is a team of craftsmen, sharing the philosophy of a healthy lifestyle, and activities for the whole family. The studio took care of the practice for any age and level of training. While children master baby yoga, future mothers practice kundalini yoga for pregnant women, and strong and energetic practitioners master ashtanga yoga. Exotic lovers can experience new directions: gong yoga, shakti-dance, yoga in the air.

Guests will learn about the benefits of Ayurveda, the effect of aromatherapy or the mystery of the tea ceremony from workshops and master classes that the studio regularly holds. Those who are willing to make time for full and deep immersion in the practice of yoga, Yoga Room msk will delight their tours to different parts of the globe.

Yoga Room Msk with particular delicacy applies to those who first lay a mat on a yoga class. How important is every detail when meeting a new practice, the creators of the studio know firsthand. The main emphasis in the interior is made on natural and pleasant looking materials: wood, travertine, mica. The studio itself literally breathes thanks to the panoramic windows and high ceilings. "Inspired by nature itself to create an atmosphere of the interior, we wanted the studio to have our guests to practice regularly," say studio founders Maria Chukhlebova and Uliana Agalakova.

It is important for us that every guest of the Yoga Room Msk unconsciously immerses into an atmosphere conducive to practice, because the inhabitants of the metropolis devote to yoga, as a rule, only a couple of hours a day. That is why every minute spent


10% - For subscriptions for 4,8,16 lessons
10% - For unlimited subscriptions
Yoga room msk

Yoga room msk

An oasis of calm and harmony in a big city.

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