Natural cosmetics "Zeytun" (Натуральная косметика "Зейтун")

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Natural cosmetics Zeytun - an ancient cosmetic brand in the world. The story began 1300 years ago, with the advent of the production of natural laurel soap in the Syrian city of Aleppo. Centuries passed. The collection of miraculous recipes was replenished, they were carefully passed from generation to generation. Gradually, natural shampoos and balms, natural essential oils, exquisite perfumes, delicate creams, decorative biocosmetics and other facial, hair and body care products appeared in the assortment.


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Natural cosmetics "Zeytun" (Натуральная косметика "Зейтун")

Natural cosmetics "Zeytun" (Натуральная косметика "Зейтун")

Zeytun cosmetics has been on the Russian market since 2005. It occupies a leading position in the segment of natural cosmetics. Permanent quality control, environmentally friendly and natural raw materials. We offer you a closer look at the exclusive and high-quality cosmetics.

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