House of Sun (Дом Солнца)

Moscow, metro Marino, Delivery throughout Russia


You can buy from us:

"Himalayan Rose" Soap-SPA

"Breath of Altai" soap-SPA

"White Lake" soap-SPA

"Ilan-Ylang" soap-SPA "Aleppo" healing soap

"Green clay" healing soap

"Reserved herbs" healing soap "Blooming garden" grooming soap

"Enchanting Autumn" grooming soap

"Oatmeal with cinnamon" grooming soap Citrus Sunset Hard Shampoo

"Bay and chamomile" hard shampoo "Spirit of the taiga" soap for the bath

"Blue Clay" Bath Soap "Mustard with lemon" dish soap

"Snow White" soap for washing and cleaning

Kerob - raw locust bean powder 200 gr.

Soap nuts (fresh, whole) 250 gr.

Indian coconut oil 100 ml

Amazonian cocoa butter 100 gr.

Himalayan hand salt, ground 100 gr.

Cane sugar live - Gur Jaggeri 250 gr.

Himalayan black salt 100 gr.

Mulberry - live sugar 250 gr.

Celery - live salt 20 gr.

Mulberry brisk 250 gr.

Live cake "Chocolate" 850 gr.

Live chocolate cake "Chocolate" 210 gr.

"Breath of Altai" tooth powder 50 gr.

"Charming Autumn" tooth powder 50 gr.

"Spirit of the taiga" tooth powder 50 gr.

White Clay France 100 gr.

Clay Yellow. France 100 gr.

Clay Green. France 100 gr.

Clay Pink. France 100 gr.

"Sweet coconut" lip balm 5g "Winter Dreams" lip balm 5g "Autumn Kiss" balm for g


House of Sun (Дом Солнца)

House of Sun (Дом Солнца)

Family workshop "House of the Sun". Craft soap, natural perfumes, clay masks, healing creams and balms, made by our hands from pure, natural ingredients, will help preserve and enhance the beauty of your inner world, restore and strengthen your health, relieve fatigue and restore the joy of life.

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