Territory of Right Drinks ACIMA (Территория Правильных Напитков АЦИМАО)

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ATSIMAO company presents to you the best producers of Chinese tea, Argentinean mate and accessories for tea drinking and maternity. Interacting with such delicate products as tea and mate, we choose the leaders of this market segment and work only with them. Our tea suppliers are the best factories in China, manufacturers of the highest category, using the most modern, eco-friendly technologies for growing and processing tea leaves. ATSIMAO has exclusive rights to distribute their products in Russia. ATSIMAO is the first company in the Russian market that offers you superbly packaged organic Chinese tea. Hard sealed packaging preserves the integrity of the tea leaf for you and standardizes the volume: you always have complete information regarding the quantity and quality of the product you purchase.

ATSIMAO is also the official distributor of the brand Reserva Del Che, which is famous for its high quality yerba mate, using traditional, fully meeting quality standards, technologies for collecting, drying and aging raw materials, Yerba mate is grown in a clean ecological place - Misiones province, and completely organic product. The company collaborates with the National Institute of Yerba Mate in Argentina (Instituto Nacional de Yerba Mate, INYM) in order to provide you with accurate and complete information from the first sources about yerba mate, how it is consumed and its effects on the body. We do everything so that you can


Territory of Right Drinks ACIMA (Территория Правильных Напитков АЦИМАО)

Territory of Right Drinks ACIMA (Территория Правильных Напитков АЦИМАО)

ATSIMAO is a large selection of high-quality organic Chinese Tea and Argentinean Mate, dishes, accessories and art objects!

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