White Clouds Mitino (Белые Облака Митино)

Moscow, st. Mitinskaya, 36, 36


In a world dominated by material values, where a tough urban environment creates difficulties with centering, understanding oneself, goals, and meanings, White Clouds provide tools for self-realization.

"White Clouds" create a territory of awareness in the middle of the city bustle, an opportunity to escape from a series of everyday worries and problems, to plunge into the atmosphere of benevolent peace.

"White Clouds" is a world of exotic and miracles; meeting place for those who want to think, listen, see; for those who are ready to go on a spiritual journey, find an explanation for their peculiarities ... For all who do not stand still, follow the movement and follow their movement ...

“White Clouds” are wise books on psychology, philosophy, astrology and other practices of self-improvement. Meetings with authors, workshops, seminars and practices for body and soul (various events, workshops, master classes, as well as regular classes in yoga, qi-gung, kung-fu, y-xing and many other things take place here), the work of astrologers and Tarot masters, concerts and performances.


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White Clouds Mitino (Белые Облака Митино)

White Clouds Mitino (Белые Облака Митино)

Souvenirs, decorations and gifts from around the world. Incense and aroma oils, meditative music, musical instruments, organic products and cosmetics, teas and drinks ...

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