Dynasty Taste (Династия Вкуса)

St. Petersburg, 63 Unsubdued Ave.


"Dynasty of Taste" - a company that promotes healthy food and a healthy lifestyle. For 3 years, we have been creating healthy products for people who strive to be healthy, beautiful and energetic.

From the very beginning, the goal of our team was to study the history of healthy nutrition and revive gastronomic traditions, thanks to which our ancestors, as well as famous personalities, remained young, active, vigorous and healthy for many years. We began to embody the valuable secrets and experiences of successful people in the form of super healthy products.

Our products help to eat vegetarians, raw foodists, vegans, pregnant and lactating women, athletes and many others in a correct and balanced way. Each of them has their own reasons why they choose this lifestyle. However, one thing unites them - the desire to be healthy.

We have developed a special "bioproduction", consisting of 400 items, without preservatives, dyes, flavor enhancers, chemistry and GMOs.

Having studied the production technology, we chose handicraft in order to preserve the naturalness of the products. What does it mean? Everything is very simple: we grind each product, mix, dry, pack it up only with our hands, without any technology. So we manage to control the quality, maintain the minimum temperature, so that useful vitamins and trace elements remain in the product.

Every day we create new ideas and look for opportunities so that people can easily translate their desires into reality: to be healthy, lose weight, eat properly and diversified at affordable prices.

Thanks to this, we are happy to develop new useful products for health.


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Dynasty Taste (Династия Вкуса)

Dynasty Taste (Династия Вкуса)

Shop useful products. Natural, tasty eco products for proper, healthy and dietary nutrition. Call: 8 (800) 551-91-51. We will help you make the right choice. Delivery in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Russia

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