Soap nuts (Мыльные орехи)

St. Petersburg


The main product that our store represents is Soap Nuts ®. It is natural, safe and environmentally friendly. It is just the fruits that grew on the tree.

In the presence of two types of products:

1. Soap nuts ® S.Mukorossi (Mukorossi) - for washing, washing dishes, cleaning, etc. domestic needs.

2. Soap nuts ® S. Trifoliatus (Trifoliatus) - for washing the body and hair.

What is the difference means Soap nuts from other eco-products?

Although they are safe for nature and man, they are less produced at chemical plants by various chemical reactions. So for the synthesis of any soap, alkali (caustic soda) is necessary, and for the synthesis of sugar surfactants, sulfuric acid ((

Soap nuts are not synthesized, but 100% natural product that grows on a tree and does not require chemical production.

We also have other herbs and minerals for hair and skin care in our assortment: Amla, Shikakai, Neem, Gassul Gul, etc.

We deliver all over Russia by mail, courier or to a pickup point. You can choose for yourself the most profitable method of payment and delivery.

When placing an order in the field promotional code specify: vegcard In the notes to the order number


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Soap nuts (Мыльные орехи)

Soap nuts (Мыльные орехи)

Natural alternative to household chemicals and cosmetics. Soap nuts instead of soaps and shampoos, alum instead of deodorants, Miswak instead of toothpaste, Henna and Basma instead of hair colors, etc. <br />
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