The network of stores of Indian goods "Asha" (Сеть магазинов индийских товаров "Asha")

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The doctor treats the disease, but nature cures it. (Hippocrates)

Beauty is inseparable from health, they live only in harmony. And we help to preserve this harmony in the impetuous rhythm of modern life.

We are glad to welcome you on the site of the network of stores of Indian goods "Asha", where you can purchase the best products based on natural ingredients, granted to us by Nature itself.

A well-thought-out strategy helps us to win the trust and love of customers, the main goal of which is to provide a wide and selected range of high-quality cosmetics of the East, organic food, spices and many other unique products at the lowest. An incredibly wide and carefully selected range of our products will satisfy the needs of any, even a very demanding and demanding customer.

Why choose Asha?

Today, Indian, Thai and Korean cosmetics - one of the most popular in the world. Fond of her and in Russia for its excellent quality, efficiency and organic composition. To date, there are no analogues of this product in the price / efficiency ratio.

We stand for a healthy lifestyle, and help our like-minded people to make their lives bright, rich and pleasant in all respects.

From the very beginning of our journey, we consistently follow the following principles:

• Our prices should be the lowest in Russia.

• Our range should be as wide as possible, proven and of high quality. To do this, we regularly consult with Ayurvedic doctors, interview our customers about the quality of products, so that our customers are confident in the quality and effectiveness of any goods purchased from us.

• Our delivery service should work clearly and as accessible as possible to the buyer.

• Our stores should be no more than 200 meters from the metro.

• Our service must be of the highest standard.

• We return, without problems and unnecessary questions, even an opened product or a product without a receipt.

• We do our best to ensure that the entire range is always in stock.

• Direct delivery of goods from manufacturers, thus avoiding unreasonable markups.

• Product quality guarantee - storage conditions meet international standards.

• Wide geography - we work with all regions of Russia, including the most remote areas.

• The shortest delivery time.

• Simple ordering system.

• Retail and wholesale in any volume.

• We have all the necessary documentation confirming the quality of our product.

• We are constantly open to any improvements and bring the network of our stores to perfection.

But the most important thing is the positive emotions of our customers. This is a great health and perfect appearance. We know how to fill your life with bright colors, emotions and help you maintain your health. Company's mission Our main idea is to create one of the best online stores of natural cosmetics and healthy food, as well as the most convenient and easy-to-use website where every person can buy quality products for beauty and health. We are fully responsible for the formation of the range to please you with selected cosmetics from the East and other products based on natural ingredients. Here you will find products made according to ancient recipes of Ayurveda, as well as new items of modern developments.

The most important thing in our work is to help you maintain your inner balance in combination with external beauty. Our main ideological inspirer is the general director of the Asha store chain. Being a staunch vegetarian, he has not eaten meat for more than 13 years, he preaches a healthy lifestyle. "My main task," he says, "is to make a healthy lifestyle accessible to everyone in Russia." According to his philosophy, he selects personnel who fully share his ideas and views. All this allows us to develop rapidly, correctly convey our message to each person and, of course, be heard.

Here you will find: • original natural cosmetics of the East; • skin and hair care products; • products for a healthy balanced diet; • biologically active additives.

• vegetarian sausages, sausages, cheeses.

• delicious teas and spices; • incense and more.

All this at the best prices and in a pleasant atmosphere of sincere communication. Experienced and competent employees are “burning” with the work they are doing, which means you can always count on support and detailed advice. Our team is united by love


5% - for the entire range
The network of stores of Indian goods "Asha" (Сеть магазинов индийских товаров "Asha")

The network of stores of Indian goods "Asha" (Сеть магазинов индийских товаров "Asha")

In our network there are three stores on Art. Metro: Belorusskaya, PL. Ilyich and Dobryninsk. All shops are no more than 2 minutes walk from the metro. <br />
The assortment of the store has more than 3.000 selected products of the East. Among them: natural cosmetics from India, Thailand, Korea. Indian spices, sweets, drinks, incense, tea, coffee, ayurvedic medicines, products for healthy eating and much more. <br />
We are waiting for you in the chain stores of Indian goods "Asha"!

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