Don Mate (Дон Мате)

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The main activity of the Don Mate shop is the distribution and popularization of the mate drink in Russia. Being true connoisseurs of this unique drink and observing the whole diversity of currently existing brands and mate grades in South America, we are well aware of the growing need for expanding the range of products on the Russian market among mate lovers.

The catalog offers you the best varieties of mate producers from Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil.

Also, on our site you will find the necessary for the process of matepiti accessories kalabasy, bombili,


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Don Mate (Дон Мате)

Don Mate (Дон Мате)

Welcome to the specialized store Mate! <br />
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Mate is a traditional analogue of tea in South America, widely used by all segments of the population and is very popular in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and the southern states of Brazil due to its deep cultural roots and its beneficial effects on the body. <br />
The drink is prepared by pouring dried and crushed leaves of Paraguayan holly heated to 60-80 degrees water.

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