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The re-feel brand was created in 2020 by Alina Chichina, Sasha Zharkova, Evgeny Davydov and Igor Minkevich as a message to hardworkers, achievers and all people with a severe form of work addiction.

To urge you to slow down and listen to yourself. Here and now. To muffle the loud voices and opinions of others and understand that the power is inside, you just need to find and debug the interaction with your resource.

We understand too well what we are talking about. We have five years of experience in managing one of the leading communication agencies on the Russian market - SETTERS, with a team that has grown from 5 to 155 people. Behind him is responsibility, conscious ambition and not always conscious fakap. We rushed down the mountain on a burning bike, borrowed from our internal resource, until we realized that this does not work. The internal resource is not endless. To be able to switch your inner toggle switch from effort to relaxation, to choose only high-quality fuel for your "movement system", and also to find support in yourself - that's what works.

There are enough things in life that we doubt.

But there is one in which we can be sure for sure: nature knows exactly what is best for humans - TRUST YOUR MAMA NATURE. She knows better.

This tenet is at the heart of our brand philosophy.

To help fill the body with what is needed - in the physical sense and important - in the mental, we started our project with the launch of a lifestyle line of functional lattes, presented in three flavors: coconut matcha latte, chai tea latte, mushroom cacao latte.

Our formulations are 100% honest, meticulously natural and dedicated to helping your inner needs. No magic - the power of natural adaptogens, superfoods and immunomodulators.

We ventured into this startup in the seemingly turbulent year for startups. Nevertheless, now more than ever, the true needs for rethinking, honest dialogue and self-care have become more acute. It is no coincidence that we are here now, we have something to offer and something to say. It's time to re-feel yourself.


10% - using the promotional code REFEELVEGG on any order on the official website


re-feel are functional lattes that fill the body with what is needed, clean and healthy - not only physically, but also mentally.

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