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The products of the company "Bliss Ayurveda" are made according to an old Ayurvedic recipe in compliance with modern technologies and the requirements of the international quality standard GMP.

The Indian company "Bliss Ayurveda" is an international organization that has been producing Ayurvedic herbal supplements for more than 5 years and exports them worldwide.

Products "Bliss Ayurveda" has already strengthened in the markets of America, Europe and Asia. It is available for sale in India, USA, Russia, Norway, Italy, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Croatia, Ukraine, etc. The products of the company "Bliss Ayurveda" are registered with the Ministry of Health and the relevant competent authorities for herbal nutritional supplements in Italy, Norway and Russia, and comply with the US FDA (approved by the US nutrient and drug control authority).

Bliss Ayurveda produces authentic, reliable and effective Ayurvedic products. Their main task is to provide consumers with the best quality Ayurvedic herbal preparations that is possible, thanks to rigorous quality control procedures and the continuous increase in standards.

The company's product range is available in the form of tablets, syrups, oils, and pastes.

Products "Bliss Ayurveda" uses herbs, both grown according to environmental standards, and growing in the natural environment. Herbs are harvested at the optimum time when essential oils and flavor properties are at the peak of their ability to benefit health. Physical research of herbs is carried out using sensory perceptions such as sight, smell and touch by the Elders, who are experts in the field of identifying herbs for making Ayurvedic preparations.

Herbs are also subjected to chemical analysis for purity, and some of them are tested using the latest HPLC technology (high performance liquid chromatography).

"Bliss Ayurveda" uses only the appropriate standards of herbs and herbal extracts, which ensures sustainability in product quality, which remains consistently high and makes it possible to get the maximum benefit from its use.

Ayurvedic preparations "Bliss Ayurveda" are 100% natural. They do not contain any artificial colors or flavors, but only natural binders and transparent shells.

In the production of Ayurvedic oil preparations, only high quality base oils are used, such as sesame, coconut and canola oil, and not liquid paraffin or other mineral oils that are used by many well-known companies that produce oils available on the market - as this is not recommended by Ayurveda. All oils have a pleasant natural aroma and are suitable for all age groups.

Strict quality control

"Bliss Ayurveda" products are manufactured in rooms equipped with modern air conditioners and accompanied by important quality control certificates:

ISO 9001: International standards for evaluating management, testing and production for manufacturing companies.

GMP: A certificate has been issued for the production and delivery of efficient, safe and reliable products of sustainable quality.

HA CCP: The Critical Control Points Risk Analysis System is a step-by-step process of quality control at all stages of production, designated as critical points.

WHO-GMP: Verifies that products are continuously manufactured and controlled in accordance with quality standards.

Each batch of products is tested for the presence of heavy metals (mercury, lead, arsenic and cadmium), microbes and pesticides and is within the limits allowed by the US Quality Control Authorities (US FDA) and the European Union.

The testing methods used by Bliss Ayurveda are in accordance with the Indian Pharmacopoeia and the guidelines of the Government of India (AYUSH), USA (US FDA) and European


Trado Moscow (Традо Москва)

Trado Moscow (Традо Москва)

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