Phytofruit (Фитофрут)

Moscow, Odoevsky passage, 11/6

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  • 10% - for the entire range of products


PhytoFruit is a young and energetic team that produces more than 25 types of pastille and 30 types of vegetable and fruit chips. Our products are very useful, they are safe and popular among supporters of a healthy lifestyle. PhytoFruit products can be completely considered products for vegans, vegetarians and raw foodists, since it is based on the plant component (vegetables, fruits and berries).

The entire range of pastils and chips we produce is completely natural, without sugar and harmful additives. All vegetables and fruits are dried at low temperatures (up to 45 degrees), while maintaining their beneficial properties and up to 97% vitamin.



10% - for the entire range of products
Phytofruit (Фитофрут)

Phytofruit (Фитофрут)

The family-owned factory FitoFruit produces healthy snacks without harmful additives. These are useful vegetable, fruit chips and pastille, and you can also find honey and tea in their store.

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