Aumburger happy food (Aumburger Happy Food)

Moscow, Solzhenitsyn 27, Solzhenitsyn 27


Our values:

- Cleanliness inside and out. Food is energy. Every day we work on our state of consciousness so that every burger is made with love. And also we do not use meat, animal products, plastic and synthetic chemicals.

- Top quality and taste. Absolutely all dishes are prepared from natural plant products. The variety of flavors is achieved through a clever combination of ingredients and sauces.

- Caring for employees and clients. Convenient working conditions for our employees in the city center, online interviews and video training. Customer care service, feedback, consultation and selection of the most useful burger.


Aumburger happy food (Aumburger Happy Food)

Aumburger happy food (Aumburger Happy Food)

Delivery restaurant. We create healthy, plant-based burgers that make people happier and the planet cleaner.

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