Ayurveda (Аюрведа)

St. Petersburg, Italianskaya Street, 37/18


Dear friends! You know us for a long time as popularizers of ancient Indian medical science - Ayurveda - under the guidance of a hereditary doctor. Giving you tips and advice on improving health, we repeated every time that most ailments can be eliminated simply by going to the right diet — one that doesn’t have harmful combinations of foods (such as salt and milk, vegetables and fruits) that use ghee and healthy spices, and the cooking process is built on traditional Vedic principles. Not everyone is capable of creating such a kitchen at home, so we have opened for you in the very center of St. Petersburg a vegetarian non-alcoholic cafe AyurVeda.


5% - for all menu items
Ayurveda (Аюрведа)

Ayurveda (Аюрведа)

We are a non-alcoholic vegetarian cafe with Ayurvedic cuisine. Our menu is created by a hereditary specialist in Ayurveda and is embodied by an experienced Indian chef who delivers key ingredients (oils, spices, etc.) from his homeland.

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