Cafe Jagannat on Maroseyka (Кафе ДЖАГАННАТ на Маросейке )

Moscow, st. Maroseyka, 4



Cafe "Jagannat" - a cozy place for lovers of vegetarian cuisine and all who love the original and exotic dishes. You can visit our cafes in six different places of the capital: not far from Kitai-Gorod metro stations, Kurskaya, Taganskaya, Kuznetsky Most, Mayakovskaya and Prospekt Mira. In addition, in every cafe there is a health food store (and in Proletarskaya and in Krylatskoye there are separate stores).

The Jagannat cuisine is international, embodying the traditions of India, Europe, Thailand, Mexico and China. Here you will find interesting conversations, bright tastes and a mood soaked in the spirit of the East.

The name of the restaurant is obliged to the deity of the same name, after whom one of the cities in India is named - Jagannath Puri. In the traditions of this city there is a custom, according to which, four times a day in the temple offer more than 56 different dishes prepared by the efforts of four hundred Brahmins. This food is prepared in the world's largest kitchen, with 700 ovens. By tradition, treats extend over several hundred kilometers.

What we have delicious?

Popular dishes of our restaurant are "Shak-paneer" (spinach in a creamy sauce, seasoned with homemade cheese), soup "Dal" (spiced Indian beans), paella, "Subji" (fried steamed vegetables in combination with homemade cheese), vegetarian dumplings and many others.

In all Jagannatas we offer you comprehensive lunches at lunchtime.

Our specialty is the handmade oriental sweets: peanut fret, halva, milk sorbet, race, burfi and many other delicacies, which are prepared according to original recipes. You will find dietary and macrobiotic desserts that are very healthy. If you follow the weight, here you will definitely find a tasty and low-calorie sweet treat.

Want to warm up fragrant tea?

Take a look at the "Jagannat" drinks card, it has unusually delicious teas of a wide variety of varieties - green and black, berry and herbal blends, as well as our branded fees. All our teas are presented in the best grades and are prepared in compliance with time-honored traditions. Here you can also enjoy a variety of very tasty drinks - smoothies, cocktails, lassi.

Spend time with benefits in Jagannath.

Snack quickly, but helpful. In the cafe, located at Taganskaya and Kuznetsky Most stations, in addition to the kitchen, there is a cozy cafeteria where you can order various drinks.

Get healthy foods with you. In addition to delicious and healthy cuisine, each of our cafes has a shop with vegetarian and dietary products, including various cereals, sea kale, healthy pasta, tofu, products from seitan and soybeans, Indian spices and snacks, as well as grains for germination and much, much more.

Come to concerts, seminars, workshops and children's activities! Three times a week you can relax and have a good time at concerts in the Taganka restaurant - anyone can get on them, admission is free. We have interesting cooking classes, film screenings, various seminars and lectures, as well as festive events for children. In addition, you can learn the art of making tea in our tea school.

Come to us to have fun, chat with like-minded people and just relax. And, of course, look in "Jagannat" to try our cuisine. In our work we strive to match the name of our institution - we will feed you tasty and varied! The menu of our cafes is constantly updated with dishes from different countries, new recipes are often brought to us by friends traveling around the world.


Cafe Jagannat on Maroseyka (Кафе ДЖАГАННАТ на Маросейке )

Cafe Jagannat on Maroseyka (Кафе ДЖАГАННАТ на Маросейке )

Vegan Center Jagannat on Maroseyka

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