Avocado queen (Avocado Queen)

Moscow, Malaya Bronnaya, 20 Building 1



In Avocado Queen they offer to try various dishes with avocados, which have long since migrated from the diet of healthy lifestyle lovers to the everyday menu of citizens, who follow gastronomic trends, take good care of their health and at the same time like to eat. The founder of the largest Russian restaurant holding Novikov Group, Arkady Novikov, restaurateur Anton Pinsky, who successfully implemented such projects as Valenok, Magadan, Sausage Shop, Syrovaryna on Red October, Magadan, Crabber, worked on the project. and others, and the talented Australian chef Glen Ballis, who also worked with Arkady in the well-known "Infernal East", Roni and Mendeleev Bar.

The menu focuses on clear and healthy dishes, in which there is a key product of the restaurant's concept - avocado. For example, a big green salad with avocado variety Sheppard; Grilled Avocado Choquette; Baked sweet potatoes with Hass avocado cream and wild rice; delicate avocado ice cream; avocado creme brulee. The main ingredient of the project of different varieties in the restaurant brought from the Dominican Republic, South Africa, Mexico, Peru and Colombia. At the same time, the menu is not limited to avocado dishes: there is also pasta, warming soups, burrata with persimmon and much more.

A special section of the menu is allotted to a smoothie: in a glass, basil is smartly combined with dates, avocados with flax or chia seeds, aloe juice with raspberries, and pumpkin with pears and maple syrup. The project's interior was handled by Eugene Uzhegova from the Living Now Studio design bureau (Nofar, Dante, Montifiori). The space is designed in bright colors with accurate color accents and complemented by bright details - copper lamps and turquoise bar counter panels. Avocado Queen - restaurant, in to


5% - dishes without fish, seafood, meat and eggs
5% - smoothies
Avocado queen (Avocado Queen)

Avocado queen (Avocado Queen)

Avocado Queen - a new project by Arkady Novikov, Glen Ballis and Anton Pinsky with the concept of healthy comfort food and a light interior - another reason to fall in love with the Patriarch's.

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