restaurant "Ra - Light" (ресторан "Ра - Свет")

St. Petersburg, Zhukovsky, 49


Vegetarian restaurant of delicious and healthy food "Ra - Light". We prepare only from natural organic products: farm milk; natural butter; Homemade cottage cheese. Own confectionery. Large selection of cakes, cookies, handmade chocolates.

Ayurvedic creo cocktails - for rejuvenation and healing of the body. Eco shop. THE ACTION IS ACTING: 4 LUNCH - 5TH AS A GIFT!


5% - for all products
7% - for all products
10% - for all products
restaurant "Ra - Light" (ресторан "Ра - Свет")

restaurant "Ra - Light" (ресторан "Ра - Свет")

The restaurant is delicious and healthy food. Properly cooked food from natural products. Food without violence.

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