Tea Workshop (Чайная мастерская)

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Our store specializes in elite tea, produced and packaged in China, as well as herbal collections collected in Russia. We ourselves check the quality of all products and sell only what we drink ourselves.

We have both the legendary Dahunpao (Big Red Robe), Teguanyin (Guanyin Iron) and Puer, as well as rare, but not inferior in their taste and qualities, Chinese teas.

The number of varieties of tea produced worldwide is huge, there are thousands of them. Choose from a variety of offers elite tea is quite difficult. We will help you with this! The variety of types and grades of elite Chinese tea will not leave you indifferent!

Our shop-tea has been working for more than 3 years. We cooperate only with trusted suppliers, taking care of storage, packaging and delivery of your orders to your home or office. Free delivery in Moscow and throughout Russia when ordering from 1,500 rubles.

With our help, you will learn not only about the varieties of tea, but also how to drink them properly. It is no secret that even the most expensive elite tea can be spoiled by improperly brewing it.

With us you will be able to learn how to brew Chinese tea and conduct a tea ceremony - which will undoubtedly surprise your guests. A wide range and affordable prices will make shopping with us a pleasure.

Tea drinking in many parts of the world is elevated to the height of aesthetic worship, but nowhere in the world is this procedure carried out with such care as in China. You have an excellent opportunity to experience this tea aesthetics, buying Chinese tea and choosing the dishes to your taste, increasing the culture of drinking tea in your region.

Already, you can buy Chinese tea in Moscow, enjoying the variety of elite tea from the Middle Kingdom. Herbal fees, including for treatment and weight loss, are in our store. The millennial history of Chinese medicine is mainly based on herbal preparations. And of course, a huge selection of dishes for tea ceremonies are always available.

Chinese tea with a set of dishes for tea ceremonies will serve as an excellent gift for any special occasion. We are glad to see you in the teaworkshop.ru online store. Have a nice shopping!


Tea Workshop (Чайная мастерская)

Tea Workshop (Чайная мастерская)

Shop good tea, herbal and dishes for ceremonies. Free delivery from 1500 rubles. <br />
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Our online store specializes in elite tea, produced and packaged in China. We ourselves check the quality of all teas and sell only what we drink ourselves. <br />
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“Tea drinking is the observation of an amazing process in which hot water that can kill a living person renews the dead leaves, for the last time giving their existence to meaning: to become someone’s taste.”

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