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Fair Labels is the first store in Russia specializing in eco-friendly clothing and footwear brands. Fair Labels combines a cozy offline pop-up store in Moscow and a large innovative online store.


The founder of the project Paul Commander (originally from the Netherlands and living in Moscow) is known in Russia as one of the founders of the Costume Code brand. Now Paul is ready to introduce the especially important Fair Labels project and new fashion brands to the Russian public that prove that fashion can be socially responsible and safe for our planet. The slogan of the company is "Fashion to save the planet".


Unfortunately, the fashion industry has negative aspects that affect people and the planet. These are environmental pollution, the use of environmentally harmful materials, unnecessary overproduction, hazardous working conditions, unconscious excessive consumption, and so on. Research shows that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. The main goal of Fair Labels is to have a positive impact on the problems of the fashion industry.


Fair Labels sells the most sustainable jeans, sneakers, T-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, knitwear, and more. For both men and women. Now Fair Labels works with 4 European fashionable sustainable brands, adherents of slow fashion ("slow fashion"). Their concepts are real inspiration.

1) MUD JEANS (Holland) - pioneers in the production of jeans from recycled and organic cotton. Also, instead of a toxic spray for dyeing jeans, an environmentally friendly indigo dye is used, produced in a non-waste way ("cradle-to-cradle").

2) LOOP.

A LIFE (Holland) - innovators in the production of knitwear, supporting the principles of a 100% circular economy. For example, most of the brand's products are made entirely of recycled materials, and are made without chemicals and require a minimum amount of water.

3) KNOWLEDGECOTTON APPAREL (Denmark) - leaders in the production of stylish clothing from sustainable materials. Fun fact: By 2020, the company had recycled over 4.5 million plastic bottles into recycled polyester.

4) VEJA (France) - the best in the production of eco-friendly sneakers and sneakers. For example, the company uses natural rubber to manufacture its soles, which it purchases directly from local communities in Brazil, saving more than 120,000 hectares of Amazonian forests.


On the territory of Trekhgornaya Manufactura, in the same building as one of the Costume Code stores, there is a small pop-up Fair Labels store. The offline store contains a small part of the collections of four selected eco-brands. On the website www.fairlabels.

ru you can see all the products currently available in the store in Moscow. Fair Labels also implemented an innovative model of cooperation with some of the presented brands. As a result: in the company's online store, it is possible to order most of the products that are currently available in Europe from these brands. Fair Labels offers free delivery of orders all over Russia.


Fair Labels have also implemented several practical eco-initiatives within the company. For example, all Fair Labels packaging materials are made from sustainable materials (100% recycled FSC paper). The company is also trying to offset the CO2 emissions from its activities by planting / preserving forests in cooperation with WWF Russia. Gift certificates are also sustainable and reusable. They write in the company with bio-mix paper pens. And even tea in the pop-up shop Fair Labels is only organic.

We wish you a pleasant and informed shopping!


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Russia's first store of eco-friendly clothing and footwear brands

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