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Living cosmetics, natural soap from scratch - cosmetic, bath, toilet, household and dishwashing, eco-friendly products for children and adults (miswak - natural toothbrush, soap nuts, rasul - a unique body and hair cleanser, soap beans, alunite - natural deodorant, oxygen bleach, biowashball - powder-free washing ball, eco hairball - sponge for washing dishes and surfaces without detergents, drips - menstrual cups), healthy food, clothes, eco-bags and handmade accessories - that's incomplete list of We use it ourselves and recommend it to you.

All products are exceptionally natural, made from high-quality ingredients, mainly of plant origin.

The soap is made from scratch (without using a soap base) and does NOT contain SLS and SLES. All cosmetics also DOES NOT contain SLS and SLES.

Part of the products made by our


Zhiva.ru (Жива.ру)

Zhiva.ru (Жива.ру)

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