"White Clouds" on Tula ("Белые Облака" на Тульской)

Moscow, Pavlovskaya, Pokrovka 4, 18



A large assortment of Chinese tea, wise books on philosophy, yoga, spiritual and esoteric trends, amulets, jewelry, ritual furnishings, yoga clothes, a wide selection of incense are waiting for you!

In the same building with us are located the center of practices "OM" Center Traditionally


5% - For all VEGETARIAN cardholders
"White Clouds" on Tula ("Белые Облака" на Тульской)

"White Clouds" on Tula ("Белые Облака" на Тульской)

The new branch of the White Clouds at Tula center store and cultural center opens its doors to seekers of awareness in the middle of the city bustle, provides an opportunity to break out of a series of everyday worries and problems and plunge into an atmosphere of benevolent peace. <br />
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