The human body eats not only food, but also the bio-energy of the nature of the area in which it grew and lives. Each plant carries its own information, its own energy. All plants accumulate energy in their trunk. The grass has a thin stem and lives only three or four months, so there is enough energy for a week or two. Older people may recall that earlier in the villages mattresses, pillows were filled with dry grass from the hayloft and changed every week.

Trees live longer, so the energy lasts for several months, and maybe it can serve and bear health for years. But it all depends on the human condition - the sicker the person, the more he needs energy.

And it does not matter what this energy is called and how it is measured, the main thing is what is necessary for a person, for his life activity.

In our assortment you will find: cedar and aspen pillows and mattresses, healing creams, cedar barrels, oils (aspen, fir, cedar), teas (wicker, cedar, fir, birch),




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In Nature, as in breast milk, already has everything necessary for human health.

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