Jagannath Novosibirsk (Джаганнат Новосибирск)

Novosibirsk, Gogol, 16



Jagannat is a cozy place for lovers of vegetarian cuisine, as well as all those who love original, hearty, wholesome and exotic dishes in the best traditions of India, Europe and Asia.

Here you will find interesting conversations, bright tastes and a mood soaked in the spirit of the East. Here you will find that vegetarian food is not only a fashionable trend of modern times, but also an extraordinary benefit to your health!

Jagannat is a favorite child and pioneer of the vegetarian market of Russian food, and today it is a famous brand with a world name that pleases the Siberian cities of magnificent


Jagannath Novosibirsk (Джаганнат Новосибирск)

Jagannath Novosibirsk (Джаганнат Новосибирск)

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