Wellness phytocenter "PRASOVYA" (Оздоровительный фитоцентр "ПРАСКОВЬЯ")

Moscow, Saratovskaya, 22



Phytocenter "Praskovya" on Saratovskaya 22 - works in the best folk traditions of Russian herbalism.

We use only natural, environmentally friendly, certified plant products.

The main method of our center is Fitozhar. This is a unique, certified and patented author method Praskovya Losevskaya, has no analogues in the world. The procedure is aimed at improving and cleansing your body at the cellular level, the removal of toxins and toxins. Removes inflammatory processes, increases blood circulation, rejuvenates the body, improves immunity. The method is based on the old generic practice proven for centuries.

The average duration of the procedure is 10-15 minutes. After such a "steam room" usually do not take a shower, but they drink healing herbal tea, which replenishes lost moisture and complements the healing effect. At the end of the procedure, a healing massage is performed with rubbing in of phyto-balms and oils infused with healing herbs. The whole secret of the health-improving procedure is hidden in the composition of herbal preparations grown in the natural environment of the foothills of the Sayan mountains in Siberia, which our phytocenter uses. These are the very original cedar barrels!


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Wellness phytocenter "PRASOVYA" (Оздоровительный фитоцентр "ПРАСКОВЬЯ")

Wellness phytocenter "PRASOVYA" (Оздоровительный фитоцентр "ПРАСКОВЬЯ")

Phytogara health procedures using the Praskovya Losevskaya method. Phytoceals, phytoseeds, phyto balms, phyto oils, massages, club of healthy nutrition and lifestyle.

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