Vanberry Village

Ostretsovo village, Happy street, 10


Yoga village Vanberry Village is a cottage village for "special" people. The name "Vanberry" - translates as "one field of berries" This is the meaning and philosophy of the village yoga.

This "feature" is saturated with everything. We don't have fences, but we have a friendly community. We don't have barbecues under "A glass of vodka on the table" with a cigarette in your mouth, but there are vegetarian festivals with planting of cedars and pines. We do not make paved roads and expensive fences, but we build a Retreat Center and cozy places for meetings and meditations. Every resident and tenant creates this space of "oneness" and "acceptance" through awareness.

Becoming a "Vanbury" you get public spaces with free access, a discount on retreats, free admission to festivals, the opportunity to be realized in the community, buy or sell services at a discount for the community, relaxation from the bustle of the city)


5% - plots
10% - houses
Vanberry Village

Vanberry Village

Yoga village - thematic village for conscious people<br />
Cottage village with a Retreat center is located 120 km from the Moscow Ring Road<br />
There are congenial communities here.<br />
Minimalist houses<br />
Lots without fences

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