Formosa Taiwan Tea (Формоза Тайвань Чай)

Moscow, Nagatinskaya, 17/1


Shop Taiwan's elite organic tea tea fields "Formosa Taiwan Tea"!

The official representative of the Taiwan Tea Association Farmers "Formosa Taiwan Tea" ™ in Russia.

In our assortment are presented Oolongs, Red teas, GABA teas, Aged perennial ooluns, Gift sets, Exclusive types of tea, Tea hearts.

We carry out the sale of tea in retail and wholesale!

All tea is certified in the customs union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, SGS tested for the absence of pesticides. You can see them on our website in the section http://www.formosa-chaj.ru/formoza-chay/sertifikaty-i-litsenzii.html

Our tea farms: http://www.formosa-chaj.ru/formoza-chay/chajnye-khozyajstva.html


Depending on the availability of tea, its staffing, the workload of the courier service and the delivery address, delivery can take place either on the day after the order or up to 1 week.

1. By courier *:

both within Moscow (300r.) and Moscow Ring Road, and beyond the Moscow Ring Road - 600r. at a distance of no more than 30 km from the Moscow Ring Road. Over 30 km - 30 rubles / 1 km. * up to 5 kg, more than 5 kg individual calculation is made depending on the volume and range.

2. Pickup from the point of issue:

Moscow, m


Nagatinskaya, d.

17th century

1 (pre-call 3 hours before arrival)

3. EMS. You can familiarize yourself with the EMS EMS tariffs on the Emspost website. Or the cost of delivery will be calculated by our manager. four. Other ways of delivery are possible for transport companies and freight forwarders worldwide (Delivery regions: Eurasia, North America, South America, Africa, Australia and Oceania): Freighters: EMS Russian Post, Auto Trading, Business Lines, PEC, SPSR, DHL. Choose a more convenient option.

Additional Information: ** green teas, poorly and medium fermented oolongs packed in branded VACUUM foil bags using an oxygen scavenger *** it is possible to make tea according to your preferences (degree of fermentation, roasting, etc.).

Respectfully, Russian representation Formosa Taiwan Tea


Formosa Taiwan Tea (Формоза Тайвань Чай)

Formosa Taiwan Tea (Формоза Тайвань Чай)

Shop of the elite organic tea of ​​the Taiwan tea fields "Formosa Taiwan Tea"

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