RELAXMAT (RELAXMAT – массажные коврики, валики и подушки)

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RELAXMAT are the only mats, cushions and cushions in the world with flexible massage elements made of high-quality elastic plastic.

They do not injure the skin, do not leave scratches, and at the same time, they do not differ in efficiency from ordinary ones made of hard material.

Under the influence of flexible piercing elements, muscle blocks and spasms are safely removed, blood circulation improves, and pain is relieved.

RELAXMAT is made of hypoallergenic materials and is suitable for everyone who cares about their health.


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RELAXMAT (RELAXMAT – массажные коврики, валики и подушки)

RELAXMAT (RELAXMAT – массажные коврики, валики и подушки)

Massage mats, cushions and cushions.<br />
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Get rid of headaches and back pain, insomnia, relax and improve the tone of the body - all this is easy with RELAXMAT applicators.<br />
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Take care of yourself today!

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