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The idea for PuraVida Bio, an active and all-natural cosmetics made from certified biological plant lysates, came from market demands that we identified, heard and responded to: a huge number of people need a line of high quality, innovative cosmetics that are completely safe at the same time. and efficient, with a biological origin, which guarantees pure, elegant and refined beauty.

Our BioEcosmetics range is able to meet all of these needs, while also offering specific solutions for all skin types, from the most sensitive to the strongest, from the youngest to the most mature. Now you can choose your ideal product with lively and pure beauty without sacrifice and compromise with Puravida Bio!

All PuraVida Bio products are completely ecological and organic cosmetics: we are committed to developing a natural production process from natural raw materials, identifying the best partners in the industry, following the most stringent certification procedures that confirm the safety of our products for the environment.

Our products are free of parabens, nickel, gluten and artificial preservatives, are not tested on animals at any stage of the supply chain, and are also tested by prestigious laboratories such as Pisa's CNR. All Puravida Bio products have been approved by the AIAB, one of the most important institutions for ethical and environmental certification, which has continued to work and incorporate all ICEA rules.

Thanks to our many years of experience in BioEcosmetics and our collaboration with Alce Nero farmers, we have created the PuraVida Bio line using organic raw materials as the main ingredients of our products.

In full compliance with all our organic sustainable principles, we have deliberately chosen to use only bottles and packaging that are 100% recyclable, use only clean energy (adhering to the LifeGate Energy project) and only work with partners who are FSC certified for responsible consumption paper and pulp, sourced only from controlled forests to prevent intensive logging.

Find out the difference between living cosmetics without any compromise with Puravida Bio products!


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PuraVida Bio

PuraVida Bio

Puravida Bio is an Eco Bio Cosmetics product line based on certified organic ingredients. The idea of ​​the brand is to create active and completely natural cosmetics made from certified biological plant lysates. Lysates are obtained from organic raw materials by fermentation. This biotransformation method increases the dermal compatibility of products and all their properties. <br />
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The basic ingredients for PuraVida BIO are supplied by the farmers of the Alce Nero association. Alce Nero is a farmers' association in Italy with over 1000 growers who grow their products according to organic farming methods: respecting the environment and not using chemical fertilizers. For over 30 years they have been producing natural and healthy products. <br />
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All PuraVida BIO products have been approved by the AIAB, one of the most important institutions for ethical and environmental certification, which operates according to ICEA standards.

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