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The main competitive advantage of our products lies in a completely scientific approach to their production.

In the 80s of the XX century in the USSR, the state conducted research into the possibility of preserving natural mineral waters in an unchanged state during bottling and transportation.

We took advantage of the results of Soviet specialists, refined the technology taking into account modern materials and received exceptionally high results.

The bottling plant was built in 2018 in the format of a laboratory plant. Located in Pyatigorsk, not far from Mashuk Mountain.

The maximum capacity of the filling line is limited by the requirements of technology and amounts to about 3000 bottles per hour, which allows you to carefully control each bottle and maintain the properties of water.

At the moment, the company is bottling three types of products: Mashuk №19 Medicinal table mineral water of the Pyatigorsk deposit. It is bottled by our plant exclusively, since it is very difficult to preserve its natural composition.

Kalaborskoe deposit No. 17 Healing mineral water of the Yuzhno-Kalaborsky deposit (Type Essentuki No. 17, but with medicinal properties 15% higher than that of the usual Essentuki No. 17).

Foothill drinking water for daily use with exceptional natural characteristics. (Optimal for daily use water mineralization, high levels of gap


15% - Unit cost


Natural mineral water of the North Caucasus. <br />
Medicinal, table and drinking water, which is bottled without changing the natural composition only in glass containers. Supplied directly from the manufacturer.

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