Yam Yam (Ям-Ям)



Yam-Yam company emphasizes the highest quality and full naturalness of products. In our assortment there are only natural fruit snacks without any additives and GMOs that we bring directly from our factory from Iran. As a result, our prices are lower than competitors. We carefully select fruits and sell products only from juicy and ripe fruits. All products are certified in Russia and have quality marks. When drying fruit snacks, we do not allow the use of sugar, preservatives or any other additives. Drying temperature 36-38 C. Our snacks are soft, unlike chips. Keep juicy and original fruit taste.


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Yam Yam (Ям-Ям)

Yam Yam (Ям-Ям)

Yam Yam - an online store of premium fruit snacks at affordable prices. Our products are 100% natural, without sugar and any other additives.

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